All-Stage Temperature-Controlled Shipping and Traceability

Toppan Logistics is accumulating experience in temperature-controlled shipment by supporting the harsh temperature control requirements of the Toppan Group. By building logistics while carrying out detailed studies of technology for each type of item, we are becoming familiar with maximizing added value for products.

We provide temperature-controlled shipping, temporary storage, and traceability. We practice traceability solutions in temperature-controlled shipping.
In October 2020, we will bring in large temperature-controlled vehicles, which will allow us to offer even more flexibility in temperature-controlled shipping.

Aiming for special temperature-controlled shipping/temporary storage/traceability
As a member of the Toppan Group, we are considering the application of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology from an operational aspect to ensure traceability over the entire process. Even if there are products in spaces we cannot cover with GPS or RFID or so on using small transmitters, our goals is to be able to signal their status in real time even with low power, and know where they are through our network.

  1. For pharmaceutical products shipment
    Actual tracking records and high temperature management levels are required for high added-value pharmaceutical products in the shipping process. At Toppan Logistics, we are actively working on applying new technologies to our work even as we combine existing technologies.
  2. For shipping Japanese sake
    The quality (taste, aroma) of Japanese sake changes greatly due to temperature, and normally has to be shipped in the same way as fresh fish. Seamless temperature management and our own original packaging materials are our way to guarantee our customers’ products’ brand value right until they are delivered to the consumers. We also offer highly reliable solutions that actively incorporate the Toppan Group’s technology for traceability as well.
  3. For fresh produce (uses freshness maintenance technology)
    The freshness of fresh products is maintained through using a range of processing technologies, allowing us to greatly reduce food losses. Reducing food losses does not just contribute in terms of costs, but contributes to society in terms of the environment as well. Toppan Logistics can provide operating solutions that include equipment by incorporating these technologies in our logistics.
All-Stage Temperature-Controlled Shipping and Traceability
All-Stage Temperature-Controlled Shipping and Traceability typeB
All-Stage Temperature-Controlled Shipping and Traceability pallet