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Please fill in the "Inquiry Form" after reading and agreeing to the following items regarding the handling of personal information contained in inquiries.

Notice regarding the direct gathering of personal information

Toppan Logistics handles names, e-mail addresses and other personal information (hereafter "personal information") provided in inquiry forms as follows.

  1. From the perspective of personal information protection, when receiving inquiries, Toppan Logistics uses the personal information provided for no purpose other than to respond to the inquiry.
  2. Except in cases where the customers consent has been obtained or there is a legal requirement, personal information will not be provided to third parties outside Toppan Logistics.
  3. Handling of personal information for inquiries is not entrusted to outside parties.
  4. In order to respond properly to inquiries, we may share your information with relevant sections at Toppan Logistics. When appropriate, such sections may also be asked to handle the inquiry or to contact the person making the inquiry directly.
  5. In cases where name and e-mail address are not provided together with inquiries, there may be some difficulty in responding.
  6. Personal information concerning persons who have made inquiries is disposed of after the period required for responding to the inquiry.
  7. Officer responsible for the handling of personal information: Information Security Manager, Toppan Logistics Co., Ltd.
  8. For consultation regarding personal information and inquiries concerning matters such as disclosure: Corporate Planning Division

*Please refer to this section for details on the handling of personal information by Toppan Logistics.
Please make inquiries via the following page after reading and agreeing to the above with regards to the handling of personal information and clicking on the appropriate button below.