Quality Policy, Safety Policy and Environmental policy

Quality Policy

We want to become a logistics company that is trusted even more by our customers. So we ensure compliance and continually improve our quality. We provide high-quality, cost-competitive logistics services from pre-delivery processing to shipping.

Established in May 2006
Revised in June 2017

Safety Policy

Our President is deeply aware that ensuring safety in transport is the core of our business. The President plays a leading role in the company in ensuring the safety of transport. In addition, he ensures employees are aware that ensuring transport safety is the most important thing, while fully taking into account each department’s situation.

The company maintains internal regulations and standards and complies with relevant laws such as the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act.

We make, carry out, check, and improve (PDCA) plans related to transport safety. Every employee works endlessly for safety in transport by carrying out business together as one.

We actively publish information related to transport safety.

Established in April 2007
Revised in June 2017

Environmental policy

We consider preserving the global environment to be the most important issue for humanity. We work to protect the environment as a logistics company that ships goods in ways that care for the environment. So we promote environmentalism based on the following policies, in accordance with the Toppan Group Declaration on the Global Environment.

We take an accurate view of the effects our business activities, which are centered around shipping, have on the environment. We use this to set and regularly revise environmental goals and targets that are technically and economically possible. This allows us to continually improve our efforts to protect the environment.

We strictly comply with the laws, regulations, agreements, and voluntary standards related to the environment. We also work to prevent polluting the environment by bringing in equipment that improves shipping and reduces our environmental impact.

Of the effects our business has on the environment, we prioritize the following efforts to protect the environment.
Reducing the environmental impact of shipping.
Reducing and recycling waste
Reducing and effectively using energy

We have internal environment audits, and use self-management to maintain and improve our environment management system.

We work to ensure harmony with local communities and conduct business in ways that respects nature.

All employees are made aware of this environmental policy. If needed, we also announce it to people outside the company.

Established in March 2002
Revised in June 2017