Management Message

Providing the Most Advanced Logistics Solutions

Toppan Logistics was established in 1988 from the Logistics Departments of the Toppan Group. We have provided our customers, both in Japan and overseas, with efficient shipping, storage, and pre-delivery processing services. However, these days the logistics industry is faced with increasing legal regulations, issues of securing workers, dealing with environmental issues, and many other problems that make our situation difficult. Regardless of these problems, we shall always remember our position as providing optimal logistics solutions for customers outside the Toppan Group, drawing on our distribution network covering more than thirty sites nationwide and offering proposals always based on the customer's perspective, to continue providing logistics services that make our customers even more satisfied. In addition, we obtained certification in November 2020 as an AEO Customs Broker by Tokyo Customs, allowing us to offer services with high levels of added value not only for domestic but international logistics as well. As a member of the Toppan Group, we shall aim to become a company respected by the community, and strive to increase our corporate value even higher.

President & CEO Yasuhiko Yamano