The domestic market is shrinking and the industrial structure is developing rapidly into higher speeds, more flatness, more transparency, and more internationalization. So Toppan Logistics uses the Toppan Group’s information technology skills and expertise in logistics to provide our customers with logistics services and information solutions. Domestically, we are building a product-specialized logistics network that supports inbound goods, and overseas we have a total process distribution management system from producers to wholesalers, retailers, and customers. So we can help expand imports and exports by providing shipping that maintains product value.
For customers in the production, distribution, and sales businesses, and customers in the promotional business, Toppan Logistics as a logistics company can provide solutions as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) through links within the Toppan Group as well as 3PL in the shipment, warehousing, storage, warehouse shipping, pre-delivery processing, and delivery for raw material procurement logistics, intermediate product logistics, and product logistics both domestically and internationally. In addition, we actively use Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, and are developing technologies to ensure traceability throughout all stages