Storage and Pre-delivery Processing/Personal Information Management


Toppan Logistics can offer high security storage based on our experience in handling secure merchandise. Precision equipment, artworks, antiques, and other high-value items that need high security are housed in warehouses that meet a range of security standards (TAPA, etc.) optimized for each type. We can also handle products such as pharmaceuticals and foods that require traceability in addition to security. We also offer delivery that matches materials required by production plants or the production timing of half-finished products. This is handled by through close liaisons with the Purchasing Department and the Production Management Department so that only the required amount is supplied at the required timing, using VMI/JIT management. This contributes to maintaining optimal stock volumes.

We ensure safety through high security (we handle pharmaceuticals, foods, high-value items).

VMI/JIT warehouse, pre-delivery processing warehouse, stock management

We provide accurate management through using IT and operation management that links storage and shipping. Together with large-scale automated rack warehouses we own in the Kanto and Kansai areas, we can provide effective storage services in conjunction with importing and shipping at bases around the country.

We eliminate incorrect shipments through pickups using automated rack warehouses and 2D barcode management 

We make stock periods visible and show stock status in real time through our stock management system.

Storage and Pre-delivery Processing/Personal Information Management

Pre-delivery Processing/Personal Information Management

Toppan Logistics uses our experience in handling high-security merchandise to offer pre-delivery processing and management for both B2B and B2C merchandise. We have a great deal of flexibility in responding to customer requirements for time and place for both total pickups and single pickups. By planning logistics that includes storage, we can optimize the entire supply chain.
In addition, in our high-security management we also offer services that ensure traceability and are optimized for each level of traceability for each individual item of merchandise in order to contribute to transparency following delivery.
We have constructed a management system that complies with JIS Q 15001:2017 and obtained the Japanese Privacy Mark for personal information management as well, so that we can handle B2C for e-commerce as well. This management system delivers peace of mind.
We offer exhaustive delivery management that covers everything from collection at the factories of overseas manufacturers to export processing, sea (or air) shipping, and drayage until it arrives at the storage/work warehouse after import processing in Japan, and provisional storage, inspection, sorting, setting up, labeling and shipping at warehouses.