Support for Overseas Customers/Support for Personal Cases (Domestic Exported Items)

Toppan Logistics acts as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) in the same way as it does in Japan for overseas bases in cross-border e-commerce by using our wealth of overseas operation experience and our specialists. We handle difficult management issues in southeast and south Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and India where consumer markets are expected to grow.

We provide support for pre-delivery processing and medium-weight product export in cross-border e-commerce (B2B).
If overseas importers or distributers see the response by the consumer market or carry out validations of the effectiveness of designed logistics, it will be necessary to export on the medium scale. However, even in this case, we provide integrated shipping from collection in Japan to pre-delivery processing, export, and door delivery.

Pre-delivery processing and individually-addressed exports support in cross-border e-commerce (B2C) (supports GDPR*1)
For exported items for Japan-based cross-border e-commerce customers, we concentrate the pre-delivery processing work resources for each seasonal event and design fine-grained, secure shipping for logistics from flexible collection to pre-delivery processing, shipping, and door delivery. We manage personal information using the standards and platforms of the Toppan Group.