Customs Clearance/International Compound Integrated Shipping

Customs brokerage service

  1. We have been certified as an Authorized Customs Broker under the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) system by Tokyo Customs since November 2020. In the AEO system, we are recognized as an operator with excellent security management and legal compliance systems. With this certification, we can always expect the benefits such as filing customs declaration to Tokyo Customs wherever goods are located, and simplified customs procedures which enable us to provide improved service to our customers and reduction of lead time for import/export process.

International Compound Shipping Work

What we can do on your behalf

  1. Preparing documents (invoices, packing lists, etc.)
  2. Applications/submissions to related government offices
  3. Place of manufacture certificates
  4. Carnet issuance

Support services

  1. Trade transaction consulting
  2. Marine insurance coverage/compensation
  3. Provision on information on overseas shipping
  4. Investigations into domestic laws
  5. Investigations into laws and regulations of other countries
  6. Proposals for improving packaging
  7. Education on trade knowledge