Support for Domestic Customers/Support for Personal Cases (Domestic or Overseas Imported Items)

Toppan Logistics was founded in 1988, and the following year, we started our pre-delivery processing business. Starting from 1995, we expanded to multiple bases in the Kanto region, and are moving into the Kansai region as well. We are expanding our track record over many areas. For example, we have obtained a license to sell alcohol, and a license to manufacture drugs and non-pharmacy items. Toppan Logistics provides e-commerce solutions using our information transmission technology and expertise in domestic pre-delivery processing built up over many years.

We also support domestic e-commerce (B2B).
We will provide logistics solutions that support the Toppan Group’s information network business.

Pre-delivery processing + personal information management in domestic e-commerce (B2C)
We concentrate the pre-delivery processing work resources for each seasonal event and design fine-grained, secure responses in the shipping process from flexible collection to pre-delivery processing, shipping, and door delivery. This allows us to provide these services in ways that give you peace of mind. We manage personal information using the standards and platforms of the Toppan Group.

Postal shipping/Posting
We offer fine-grained shipping support based on our experience with sending printed matter. We provide seamless support for all areas in expanding sales in the Japanese market.