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The Goal of Toppan Logistics to Create Social Value

Toppan Logistics is a member of The Toppan Group and strives to evolve as a corporation that creates social value towards the realization of a sustainable society. 

TOPPAN VISION 21 sets forth the basic concepts and direction for the ongoing growth of the Group in harmony with society and the global environment. The vision consists of a “Corporate Structure” and a set of “Business Fields.”

The Corporate Structure is made up of three elements: Toppan’s Corporate Philosophy, the Corporate Creed, and the Conduct Guidelines. The Corporate Philosophy specifies ideals and the most important values and concepts for the Group. The Corporate Creed expresses the standards to be kept foremost in mind when performing business operations. The Conduct Guidelines set out the basic concepts and behavioral norms for Toppan employees both as businesspeople and as members of society.

The Business Fields, meanwhile, are made up of two categories: “Technology & Expertise” and “Markets & Customers.” The former category encompasses accumulated Toppan knowledge and technologies classified into five resource-based segments. The latter focuses on four key fields for growth: Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & Cultural Exchange, Urban Space & Mobility, and Energy & Food Resources. The Toppan Group strives to create social value in these four growth fields and five resource-based business segments by providing societies with an array of services, solutions and products developed through inclusive relationships with stakeholders.